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Hello, my name is Emmaline and I've been a fan of Lacrimosa for about three years. I'm not new, but this is my first post. I don't want to bore you, so I'll get to the point. =]

***On Musikkurzfilme, there's a trailer for a Lacrimosa movie. They sing Copycat and do random assorted cute things. It says it will come out this year (2006), but I've never heard anything else about it? Does anyone have a more specific release date or more information?
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Hallo Zusammen
Im Namen des gesamten Hall Of Sermon-Teams wünsche ich Euch ein gutes neues Jahr!

Wie Ihr Euch erinnert, kann man für den Videoclip "Lichtgestalt" von LACRIMOSA im Internet voten, damit er im schweizerischen Fernsehen ausgestrahlt wird wenn er genügend Stimmen bekommt. Leider hat das bisher noch nicht geklappt und darum möchte ich Euch noch einmal bitten, alle Eure Mitglieder zu aktivieren, dass sie für LACRIMOSA voten:
http://www2.sfdrs.ch/system/frames/highlights/musicnight/index.php?navpath=mus/rob&content=/content/highlights/musicnight/ roboclip.php
oder via Telefon auf 0848 848 366 und dann die Clipnummer eingeben. Die Clip Nr. ist 59.

Vielen Dank!

Hi everybody
On behalf of the whole Hall Of Sermon-team I wish you a happy new year!

As you might remember, there is the possibility to vote for the videoclip "Lichtgestalt" from LACRIMOSA in the internet. If the clip gets enaugh votes, it will be played on the swiss national television. Unfortunately it didn't get enaugh votes so far and therefor I once again want to ask you to ask all your members to vote for LACRIMOSA:
http://www2.sfdrs.ch/system/frames/highlights/musicnight/index.php?navpath=mus/rob&content=/content/highlights/musicnight/ roboclip.php
The number of the clip is: 59

Thank you very much!
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DVD trailer

There's a trailer for the DVD on Lacrimosa's official site. Nothing particularly exciting, just a medley of clips from all their videos in no particular order.
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Lichtgestalten and DVD help


1) Does anyone know if the DVD will be Region 2 (Europe) encoded, or Region Free (0)?
2) Hall of Sermon asks a very high shipping price for outside of the EU. I was wondering if anyone in good old Europe would be willing to buy the EP and the DVD and ship them to my address via conventional mail. I would make a payment via Paypal or by cash (in Euro).
3) One of the special features of the DVD is "Trailer of the Upcoming Lacrimosa Movie". Does anyone know what this is about???

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Seeing as no one's posted here in a while and I'm currently in an ongoing state of listening to Lacrimosa again, thought I'd ask: what's everyone's favorite period of Lacrimosa? I just got my copies of "Stille" and "Stolzes Herz" finally and Stille is BY FAR my favorite of Lacrimosa so far. I thought that a little into Fassade and definately by Echoes they started overwhelming the metal with classical a little too much. Lichtgestalt was leaning more back away from that i thought though, so definately happy about that. What about anyone else?
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Hello. I didn't want to annoy anyone with a new member post, but seeing how this place hasn't had an update in about a month, it probably won't hurt.
Lacrimosa is most likely the most beautiful band in the world. I played a song for my crazy uncle who described them as "seduction".They are just everything I have ever wanted in a band.

Of course, most of you knew this already minus the crazy uncle part.